Follow Variety of Food Types

Selection of food matters a lot when you need to reshape your body. If diet plan covers all food items that are used in daily routine, it is easier to follow plan competently. Strict diet plans are difficult to carry on for months as you cannot bring diversity. It does not take much time to understand plan or workouts. Self-explanatory booklet and DVDs are meant to make your weight loss program successful. 21 day fix reviews provide guideline how to use colorful tubs to select food. There are six containers with colors such as Green (vegetables), Yellow (carbs), Red (Protein), Purple (fruits), Blue (low fats) and Orange (dressings and seeds).

Freeze Food Items in Advance

It is a bit difficult in tough work routine to go out for grocery each day and follow different recipes for lunch or dinner. What is suggested here is to go out on weekend for grocery and bring all food items in bulk.

If you prefer to use chicken to fill protein container, plan to use roasted chicken on day one. Chicken Caesar salad is perfect for day two, whereas sprinkled chicken with omelet can be selected for third day. Planning food type before a week gives you more time to think and enjoy delicious recipes for each day. Buying bulk of meat is easy on the pocket, so try to freeze meat and stick with your plan for 21 days.

Purple container is selected for fruits. Just like red container ingredients, bring fruits of your choice and freeze them in advance. Take out frozen fruits in the morning and leave in kitchen to get soft till lunch time. Try to select all the fruits that are approved by this diet plan such as strawberries, cherries, grapes, apples and blueberries etc. Though you can add some options that are not included in the list, but it is preferred to go with the type of food supported by diet plan. Putting same fruit in container and then throwing away just for the reason you do not like to eat again and again is not good idea. Try to bring some variation to develop interest. 21 day fix reviews suggest giving your taste buds a variety of flavors to enjoy each day.

Options for Vegetarians

Using junk food does not only keep you out of shape but unhealthy food affects on blood circulatory system. Even if you are vegetarian, do not consider this program useless as the fitness expert has given substitute of meat. 21 day fix reviews show there are many non-meat alternatives for those who desire to adjust special food in their diet plan. Approved food list has meat, turkey and fish but what are the alternatives for vegetarians? You are supposed to get required intake of protein by using eggs, Greek yogurt, tofu, ricotta cheese, firm, cottage cheese, shakeology, veggie burger, protein powder and ricotta cheese. In addition to these options, vegans are allowed to use quinoa and red beans as source of protein.

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Healthy habits for kids

Habits are like iron when developed. It becomes hard to break habits once they are developed. We need to grow healthy habits since our childhood to bring a healthy life. With good habits, it becomes easier to live as healthy as possible. As parents, we should help our children to develop healthy habits. Remember! You are the role model for your child. Your child is going to copy your many habits. You, first of all, you need to develop healthy habits first. For this, first of all, you need to skip all the bad or unhealthy habits. For example, if you are a smoker, you must skip smoking out of your life. If you drink alcohol, quit it too. It is more likely for your child to be a smoker to drinker if you are also a drinker to smoker. After that, you will need to develop healthy habits in you. For this purpose, cleanliness is the first step. All you need is to keep your house tidy and clean. Keep your dustbins and backyards clean and clear. Your house or garbage bins must not act as a habitat for the flies and insects. Keep your garden clean and healthy. Then, take in a balanced diet. Take exercise daily. Live with a stress-free life style. If you live a healthy life-style, your child is more likely to adapt your habits.

Here is a basic frame of how to teach your child healthy habits. Take a look on these four steps:

  1. Eating healthy
  2. Healthy physical activities
  3. Staying healthy
  4. Thinking healthy

For eating healthy, you can bring a lot of changes in the habits of your child. Make his habit to eat an egg, fruits, drink juices and milk daily. Give him a healthy breakfast to start his day and a light dinner. Grow your own fruits and vegetables. Make his habit to intake fresh water, at least 8 glasses daily.

For healthy physical activities, you must teach your child to do exercise daily. Take him to the playgrounds. Encourage him to play outdoor games. Let him take part in various competitions. Let him do physical workout. He has to learn the good habits to stay active in winter and summer. Your children must play games in the evening. You can also take them to beach or sports club to give them extra time. Teach them swimming, running and cycling.

For staying safe and healthy habit, you must talk to your child on various issues. He must have enough information about the infections, diseases and their cure. He must have basic dental care visits to a dentist and physical checkup by a doctor. Tell your child about the benefits of hand washing. He must have a hand sanitizer with him always. Talk to your teenager children about sex safety to prevent diseases. Tell them about injuries and first aids.

Finally, for thinking healthy, let him learn building self-esteem. Let him learn stress management. Develop social skills in him. Make him mentally strong.

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